In the opening of Macbeth, Macbeth’s emotions portrayed in a positive way. He is described as a hero and loved by everyone. He is the thane of Glamis because he saved his people by defeating enemies in a battle. This gave him a high status made him known and also made him a respected person. […]

In the openings of both stories, Macbeth and A Christmas Carol, Scrooge and Macbeth have very different flaws. Macbeth’s flaws are positive because he has just won the battle and he is loved by the whole town and he is called a hero. “O valiant cousin! Worthy gentleman!” Macbeth is being praised by his best […]

Dear Ms Samantha Taylor, I am writing to you about your article where you are describing teenagers and social networking in a negative way. The way your authors are presenting teenagers is very unconsidered and I disagree with most of the statements that you are making. Your article mainly talks about social networking and how […]

The poem ‘at the border’ is about an innocent girl at the border of her country with her family. They were forced to leave their country because there was a civil war going on in their country. “I can inhale home” Now they are going back to their hometown. “our mothers were crying” I think […]

Out of the blue reflection This poem is written in first person from the perspective of a man that is in a burning building in the 9/11 terrorist attack on the twin towers. In the quote “you have picked me out” the speaker directly speaks to someone that is at a distance through the second […]

This poem is about a hawk that thinks he is the best, he is arrogant and thinks he is the most powerful. He is hunting for its prey and he is looking down at everything from a high tree. This is what makes him think he is powerful. The purpose of the poem is to […]

Vaudevue is alone sitting on a round flat stone at midnight. “She is alone at midnight in the moonlight she is sitting alone on a round flat stone”. The poet has repeated the word ‘alone’. This shows that the poet is trying to emphasise the word and trying to tell the reader that vaudevue is […]

Exams are very hard and most people don’t like it and would prefer coursework. Exams are the most stressful part of education. You have to spend week after week studying over everything you’ve learnt so far, not missing anything because it might be on the test, absolutely stressed out, only for you to have a […]

It is a glum and gloomy night. Rain patters against the windows, and wind hisses through the gaps. The long hospital hallway is empty. The tapping of the busy shoes of nurses and doctors echoed from another side of the building. Not a single living thing is in sight. All I can hear is the […]

The bully of the school was called Jim. Everyone in the school hated him. Annoying, mean, rude and violent were the words that most people described him as. Jim always picked on me the most. He used to throw things at me in class and at lunch time he would beat me up when no […]